We believe in education and income generation in the present to be authors of new futures

our history


The dream of transforming the world through education and income generation was born. Thus, we strengthen our purpose of being sustainable and sharing the value we generate.


Our first Education Center in Ilha Grande, Piauí, starts its free activities with the English and New Information and Communication Technologies courses for 76 students.


We broadened the range of courses at the Education Center Piauí, launching Languages, Codes and its Technologies: covering the contents of the Portuguese Language (Grammar and Reading Comprehension) and an essay for the Brazilian National High School Exam - ENEM, and we prepared the ground for the construction of the Paulino Neves, Maranhão Education Center.


We inaugurated the Education Center Maranhão, in Paulino Neves. Following the recommendations for response to the COVID-19 pandemic context and we made a fast-paced transition to remote learning. We remained committed to fulfilling our purpose, using platforms, and launching our YouTube channel.


We built and prepared the inauguration of the Education Center Bahia in Gentio do Ouro. We returned to the in-person activities and witnessed our Centers sprouting new knowledge and continuing projects such as Sem Barreiras (accessibility, sign language, and audio description), Conversas sobre a nossa língua (remarks on the Portuguese language), and others.


We started our activities at the Education Center Bahia, in Gentio do Ouro. We strengthen our purpose of transformation with a new chapter, becoming the Janela para o Mundo Institute.

where we are

Our performance
in Brazil

Shortening the distance between dreams and opportunities, we serve communities distant from large centers. Our Education Centers are located in the small town of Piauí, Maranhão, and Bahia, in addition to our Tech Education Center, which provides distance learning and remote education where the student is not physically present. We want to create roots and deepen connections with each community.



our team

Governance Structure

We go beyond legal compliance and are firmly committed to adopting the best corporate governance practices. We follow a collaborative model to ensure ethical, transparent and efficient management of the investments made by the Janela para o Mundo Institute.

General Assembly
Advisory Board

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Fiscal Council

Ricardo Scalzo
Vera Lúcia Elias
Bruno Salotti

Deliberative Council

Andrea Sztajn
Gustavo Mattos
Thiago Linhares

Board of Directors

Livia Mariz
Manuella Oliveira